By way of introduction, my name is Charity Mhende.

As a twenty-something stepping onto the career ladder for the first time, I’m filled with hopes, aspirations and a tonne of goals. I have questions about how to make it to the top of the career chain, which I know are not unique to me. I started this blog not only to share what I have learned as I make my first few steps on the ladder, but to invite a conversation for young professionals, industry experts and thought leaders to share their insights on how to successfully navigate this unpredictable world we call the career jungle.

I got my first job when I was 14 years old, sweeping hair in a local barber shop. I have subsequently served fish and chips on busy Friday nights as a “chippy” girl, helped young men find the ‘freshest’ pair of trainers as a sales assistant, coached young people through summer camps and launched campaigns as a young parliamentarian. Now, as a young professional I’m responsible for crafting the marketing and communication strategy of a corporate finance firm. What all this taught me is there will never be a straight line on any path.

Make Me a Pro (MMaP) is about putting thought into action, sharing lessons learned and inspiring success stories, wherever you land.