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At the beginning of September 2015, I moved across the Atlantic to start a role in strategic communications. I’m still very fresh on the scene in New York but I wanted to take this opportunity to wrap up Season 2 by offering my first impressions, insights on taking a job abroad, as well as advice on leveraging the most out of travel opportunities for people thinking about doing so in their current jobs. I will be delving deeper via Youtube, but in this episode, I give you a quick snapshot of what’s to come.


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  • Vanessa Lewis-Charles says:

    Hey Charity,

    Mum sent me your link, which I’ve just listened to. Very proud of you. She is too!

    What an inspiration you are to young professionals and oldies like me too. I’ll be following your journey and looking forward to your next podcasts on this amazing and exciting journey.

    All the best from here in Valencia and London.

    Take care,


  • Gina A says:

    Spotted this on linkedin and had a listen – Awesome stuff Charity.

    Great tips !

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